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Extra Measures of Grace for Sunday Mornings – Lisa Littlewood

The morning proved to be a flurry of feeding, hair brushing, the finding and pulling on of tights and rushing into the car to make it to church on time for the morning’s child dedication service. We have three girls and girls, in general, require a lot of extra help when it comes to hair…


The Gift of Hope – Laura Lewis

A new year has begun. Is there a hope or a dream tucked in the pocket of your heart, a dream so fragile that you refrain from taking it out to share, even with the dearest of friends, because – what if the dream crashes? It’s easier if it falls apart inside, isn’t it? Keeping…

praying pic

Squeezing in Time to Pray, Even on Crazy Days – Lisa Littlewood

I did it again. I vowed to get up earlier every morning last week to carve out space for prayer time and Bible reading and then failed to follow through. In my defense, we had a 5-year-old with a persistent nighttime cough, a teething toddler who kept waking up, and a 7-year-old who has chronic…

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Standing Strong on Windy Days – Lisa Littlewood

Have you ever been so overwhelmed in your mothering that it left you feeling like you had lost perspective? Like the day-to-day demands of life and parenthood had started to blur your vision and make the big picture hard to see? I’ve been there. Lately, more than I’d like to admit. Strings of days, sometimes…

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Silent Stones – Laura Lewis

They must have hated her. That adulterous woman in John 8 must have been hated, don’t you agree? Just think about it. Only hate would have violently intruded into her bedroom to humiliate her. Only hate would have dragged her into the city streets recruiting scoffers to rally for her death. Only hate would demand…